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Questions AND Answers


First Contact

 Q : How can I contact Bacabon Landscape?

 A : You can contact us by phone at 604-671-1812 or by e-mail at bacabon@bacabon.com




 Q : Would you come to my house for the estimate?

 A : Yes, We would love to visit your house for the free estimate.  

 Q : How would you give me an estimate?

 A : We usually consult with your budget first and give you a few options. 

 Q : Can you suggest me designs?

 A : That is absolutely a part of our job. We can show you the drawings as well.



Placing Orders

 Q : How can I pay for the project?

 A : We accept your personal cheques.  

 Q : When do I need to pay?

 A : It depends on the size of project, however, we usually ask you to make payment at the completion of the project for small size projects, and at the beginning for larger projects.




 Q : Can you start on my project right away?

 A : It depends on the season, but we try our best to start on your project immediately.

 Q : Do you subcontract?

 A : We do most of the work by ourselves. Please click here to find out variety of works we are able to do.




 Q : When is the best season to turf?

 A : We can turf all year around. 

 Q : What type of plants would you recommend for the hedge?

 A : There are a quite few types of hedge trees. We can suggest the type by the height you prefer and maintenance you need. 




 Q : How often should I cut the grass?

 A : Weekly lawn mowing can keep your lawn nice and short.

 Q : Can I try your maintenance just for once?

 A : Yes, we proudly provide our maintenance to you.

 Q : What kind of maintenance work do you do?

 A : Please click here to find out about our maintenance work.






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