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Information of landscaping and maintenance flow, budget, and schedule.


Flow-chart of landscaping and maintenance


On-site Assessment

Arrangement Schedule Starts
Please inquire by phone or e-mail. Tell us your prefered date of on-site assessment.       On-site assessnebt for further arrangement.

We discuss on the design, budget, and any exsisting problems during the arrangement.

After the arrangement, the work schedule is set upon your request. After all the steps, actual landscaping work starts.


PDSoil Preparation QDPond  
We conduct the soil preparation (excavation and etc.) for landscaping work.   We construct a pond, using concrete-base or liner-base.


We select the type of stonework based on the house type and soil condition. We build the walkways with concrete or stones, or any prefered material.
TDPlanting UDHedge
  We selecet the best plants for seasons and location, also with your preference. We plant the hedges in order to harmonize the private space and the streets.
VDFence   WDDrain Tile    
  We select various fence material upon your request and suggest the best material for security purpose.     We conduct soil improvement on unhealty soil condition.    
XDLawn PODRetaining Wall  
We turf a brand new lawn or conduct seeding depending on the conditions. We install verious type of retaining wall to the garden with inclination and vertical interval, considering aspect and safety.


  PDTrimming QDLawn Mow
    We trim plants based on the each characteristic of plants. (weekly, monthly, and annually trimming are available) We mow lawn at the period of your request. (weekly, monthly, and annually)

RDPower Wash

    SDRain gutter clean up      
      Power wash of housewall, walkway, and driveway is available.     Rain gutter clean up is available throughout a year.    
      Other works are available upon your request (ex. tiles).              
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