Our work of "Landscaping" and "Maintenance". Please view as a reference of your choice.


Basic Landscaping


Japanese Style Landscaping


Lawn-based landscaping considering the environment.


Space work with bamboo fence and stonewall.


The landscaping considering the balance between deciduous trees and evergreen trees in order to maintain the beauty of green throughout the year.



A pond, utilizing a small space.



Harmony Between a Pond and Green

Stonewall With Various Impression


A pond with brittleness of stones, softness of green, and silence of water.


A curved stonewall with riverstone.
Feature: softness



A pond along the walkway.


A stonewall featuring the texture of coarse stones.
Feature: natural finish



A pond with green.


A housewall applying the natual-taste cultured stone.
Feature: coherency



Harmony Between Stones and Green


A stonewall with green.


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